Chemical building products SikaTack Panel glue system for ventilated façades

The SikaTack Panel system is used for the concealed fixing of ventilated façade panels.

The system consists of:
 1. Elastic SikaTack Panel glue
2. Double-sided SikaTack Panel fixing tape
3. Sika Aktivator-205 cleaner
4. SikaTack Panel Primer


SikaTack® Panel glue SikaTack Panel fixing tape

1-part product for bonding ventilated façade panels with the SikaTack Panel system.

Sika Tack Panel fixing tape

Double-sided fixing tape for initial façade panel fixing (used until the glue has dried fully and in order to ensure a minimum 3 mm thick layer of SikaTack® Panel glue).

Sika® Aktivator-205 Cleaner/activator

For improved cleaning and bonding

SikaTack Panel Primer

 For improved bonding