Expansion profiles











Expansion profiles

  • Expansion profiles for floors, metal

    • For floors that bear heavier loads (trucks, loaders);
    • Made of aluminium/steel;
    • Suitable for all types of floor surfaces.
  • Expansion profiles for floors, metal with Nitriflex® rubber

    • For floors that bear various kinds of loads;
    • Made of aluminium/stainless steel;
    • Profile casing made of Nitriflex® rubber;
    • Suitable for all types of floor surfaces.
  • Watertight expansion profiles for joints

    • Water-resistant;
    • For floors in underground parking lots, multi-level parking lots, garages, ramps, etc., where higher moisture levels and direct contact between the ground and water is expected.
  • Expansion profiles for thermal joints

    • For separating floors into thermal expansion zones;
    • Used to protect floor structures from cracking;
    • Made of plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and brass.
  • Expansion profiles for ceilings and walls

    • For expansion joints in ceilings and walls;
    • Made of aluminium, plastic or only high-quality rubber.
  • Expansion profiles for flat roofs

    • For covering and protecting expansion joints on flat roofs;
    • Can also be used to protect expansion joints in underground parking lots or similar underground environments.
  • Expansion profiles for seismic zones

    • For areas of seismic activity where structures are designed with especially wide expansion joints;
    • Can be used to cover joints with a width of up to 380 mm.
  • Fire barriers for expansion joints

    • The Deflex fire barrier is a fire-resistant, asbestos-free foam that meets the requirements set for the protection of structures from the spread of fire.

Profilius gamina

Deformaciniai profiliai yra sertifikuoti pagal atsparumą apkrovoms ir atitinka DIN 1055 ir DIN 1072 standartus.