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Porcelain (ceramic) panels


Laminam porcelain cladding panels can be used for façade systems, floors, interior walls, decorative elements as well as internal and external cladding. The product is made of natural materials and is thus environmentally friendly and recyclable. The panels come in especially large formats: 3,000 x 1,000 x 3. Porcelain panels are available in 90 colours and textures. 

CE CERTIFICATION: Laminam 5 can be distributed in the European Union according to issued certification. 

LAMINAM panel characteristics:

  • Chemical resistance: panels are resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and cleaning products. They can easily be cleaned without damaging their surface. The only product that can damage the panels is hydrogen fluoride.
  • Hygienic surface properties: the panels can come into contact with food because no by-products are produced when the surface comes into contact with water. The panels are resistant to mould, bacteria and fungi. The material is approved for use in catering and medical institutions.
  • Abrasion-resistant: the panels are resistant to scratching and deep abrasion. These properties are retained even with intense use and frequent cleaning.
  • Resistance to bending: the panels are very resistant to bending.
  • Resistance to cold: the panels demonstrate 0.1% water absorption and thus are resistant to cold and can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Resistance to fire: the panels do not contain any organic substances, making them resistant to fire and high-temperatures. Smoke and toxic vapours are not emitted in the event of fire.
  • UV-resistance: the panels are completely resistant to ultraviolet light. The panels do not contain any organic pigment, making them UV-resistant. Their colour does not change even with a change in weather conditions.
  • Eco and recycling properties: the panels are a completely natural product. The panels do not emit any by-products, so they can be pulverised and recycled for use in other production processes.
  • Resistant to graffiti: they are the first graffiti-resistant panels of their kind. The panels can easily be cleaned and even the most persistent paint can be removed.

Brief description:

Laminam 3Laminam 3+Laminam 5
Panels come in a very large format, but they are thin and lightweight: from 8.2 kg/m2. Panels are available in 90 colours and textures. Water-resistant. Very resistant to bending. Smoke and toxic vapours are not emitted in the event of fire. Anti-graffiti protection

LAMINAM panel application:

MaterialThicknessFormatPanel weight kg/m2Recommendations for use
Panels from all collections 3.5 mm thick panels with reinforcing fibreglass mesh.  3000 x 1000 8,2 Wall and ceiling finish (interior and exterior), ventilated façades, flooring (interior and exterior), decorative elements
COLLECTION Neve, Avorio, Perla, Crusca, Fumo, Nero, Nero Intenso, Bianco, Tortora 5.6 mm thick panels. Not reinforced with fibreglass mesh. Also available with sanded surface. Provided with reinforcing fibreglass mesh upon request. 3000 x 1000 14 Ventilated façades (interior and exterior), flooring for intense use, decorative details. 
FOKOS „Sale“, „Rena“, „Terra“, „Roccia“, „Piombo“
POLER „Neve poler“, „Crusca poler“, „Fumo poler“, „Avorio poler“, „Bianco poler“, „Perla poler“, „Tortora poler“, „Bianco Statuario poler“, „Crema Marfil poler“
NATURALI „Basalto Vena Chiara“, „Basalto Vena Scura“, „Crema Marfil“, „Statuario“,  „Pietra di Savoia“, „Arenaria Fossile“, „Crema Marfil“, „Travertino Navona“, „Paesina“
KAURI „Bianco“, „Beige“, „Grigio“, „Moro“
OXIDE „Avorio“, „Bianco“, „Moro“, „Moro Mat“, „Nero“, „Perla“
Entire Laminam 3+ collection 7 mm thick panels. Two 3 mm thick glued panels with fibreglass mesh reinforced core. 3000 x 1000 16 Ventilated façades (interior and exterior), flooring for intense use, panels, kitchen and bathroom worktops and decorative elements. 

Technical characteristics:

Panel characteristicsMinimal requirement
  Panel Laminam 3 Laminam 3+ Laminam 5
1 Panel dimensions 3,000x1,000x3 mm (without mesh) 3,000x1,000x3.5 mm (with mesh) 3,000x1,000x5 mm (without mesh)
2 Thermal expansion coefficient at
3 Dimensional stability lengthwise (ISO 10545-2) +/- 0.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm
4 Diagonal dimensional stability (ISO 10545-2) +/- 1.0 mm +/- 1.0 mm  
5 Durability class Class 5 
6 Resistance to chemical substances No effect 
7 Hardness (UNI EN 101) ≥ 6  
8 Water absorption (ISO 10545-3) 0.1% ( < 0.3%)  
9 Weight 7,8 kg / m2 8,2 kg / m2 14 kg / m2
10 Dry surface roughness µ > 0,6  
11 Flammability class (according to EUROCLASS EN13.501-1) A1 A2-sl, d0 A1
12 Resistance to impact 0,6 0,8 0,7
13 Bending (ISO 10545-4) 50 N / mm2 90 N / mm2 55 N / mm2

Color selection:



Collection Lucidato




Filo Romantico


I metalli






Opificio Mediceo



LAMINAM cladding certification:

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