What degree of unevenness and vertical misalignment of walls can ventilated façade system compensate?

Any kind of unevenness or vertical misalignment in the walls of a building can easily be evened out and compensated with a ventilated frame system. There are no limitations.

Do the structural solutions of the ventilated façade system and cladding meet fire safety requirements?

The structural solutions of the ventilated façade system meet the requirements of the Technical Building Regulations of the Republic of Lithuania as well as essential fire safety requirements. The system only consists of construction products that meet the requirements for flammability class B or above.

Can a ventilated façade system be used on a sloping façade surface and can it accommodate glazing elements or other architectural elements?

The ventilated façade offers limitless possibilities for implementing various architectural solutions with the use of a façade frame and various cladding materials.

Can different cladding materials be used on the same ventilated façade project?

Different cladding materials can be used on the ventilated façade and the ventilated façade can also be used alongside other kinds of façade finishes such as render. Our structural engineers will help you find a solution for a structural transition between different cladding materials.

How is heat loss calculated for a ventilated façade system?

Heat loss for a ventilated façade system is calculated according to the method provided in the following technical building regulation document: STR 2.01.03:2009 “TECHNICAL THERMAL VALUES OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS”/"STATYBINIŲ MEDŽIAGŲ IR GAMINIŲ ŠILUMINIŲ TECHNINIŲ DYDŽIŲ PROJEKTINĖS VERTĖS“ 

What kind of options are there for fastening insulation?

Insulation is fastened mechanically using pins selected according to the type of insulation and the base to which they will be fixed.

What is the approximate price of a ventilated façade system?

The price of a ventilated façade system is calculated for every individual project and depends on the architecture of the building, the cladding material, the thickness of the insulation layer and other factors.

Who calculates the necessary quantity of fastening elements for the ventilated façade? How is a ventilated façade structure designed?

The number of fastening elements necessary is calculated by the supplier of the ventilated façade structure. The supplier will have to assess the load-bearing strength of the base and structure, and take the cladding manufacturer's requirements for cladding installation as well as the technical characteristics of each individual cladding material into account. Along with its ventilated façade structure, Plantas UAB provides the working documents for the structural designs of the ventilated façade frame. The company will also answer any questions that emerge with regard to construction design and installation.

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