Universal frame

Easily adapted to fibre cement, aluminium composite, engineered stone, HPL panels, clinker tiles, sheeting, porcelain (ceramic) panels, natural stone and other cladding materials by adhesive bonding or mechanical fastening. Best value for money. Simple and faster assembly compared to other types of structures. More information:

Detail for fibre cement and HPL cladding

Detail for engineered stone cladding

Detail for aluminium composite cladding


Concealed fixing system

Used for cladding installation when there is a need to conceal the cladding fixing points and when glue is not an option due to harsh climate conditions or the properties of the cladding material itself (e.g., panel weight, uneven surface, surface not suitable for gluing, etc.). More information:

Detail for natural stone cladding


Clinker cladding frame

The frame is used for the concealed fastening of clinker/ceramic tile cladding. Special-purpose profiles allow the tiles to be installed very quickly and precisely, saving resources of time and labour. Any tile fastened to this frame can easily be removed and replaced if there is ever such a need. More information:

Detail for ceramic tile cladding


Stainless steel frame

A universal frame that can be adapted for different types of cladding material. Greater resistance in aggressive environments and very durable. More information:

Detail for stainless steel frame