Informational seminars

The renovation of residential building blocks is one of the most talked-about and relevant topics of the day. We offer informational seminars in order to help residents, residential communities and their leaders make the right decisions and prepare for the renovation process.

During the seminars, we will present you with important and relevant information about the legal, technical and financial aspects of renovating your building block with ventilated façades.
We invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge free of charge. We offer free seminars in your city and at a time that is convenient to you.

During the seminar, we will discuss:

  • Types of residential building façades in renovation.
  • The principle of the ventilated façade and the peculiarities of installing such a system. 
  • Comparison of ventilated façade and rendered façade systems. Advantages and disadvantages.
  • The most important aspects when installing a ventilated façade system: what you need to pay attention to once you have chosen a ventilated façade system. 
  • Most frequent mistakes in the installation of the ventilated façade and their consequences.
  • Other related issues that you are interested in.