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ProdEX façade panels have a bakelite core with a layer of natural wood veneer treated with protective acrylic resin that ensures impeccable resistance to UV rays, atmospheric impact (standardised according to NEN-ISO 105-A03 and DIN 67530) and chemical substances (anti-graffiti). Prodema ProdEX ventilated façade cladding panels are high-pressure laminate panels (or HPL) covered in a layer of natural wood veneer manufactured according to Prodema's patented technology. Building façades that are clad with ProdEX panels are a great combination of unique beauty, modern style and wood.

Panel composition:


Length x width 2440 x 1220 ± 2
Thickness 6; 8; 10; 12; 14 ± 0,5
Vertical   < 1,5 / m
Other thicknesses Can be custom-ordered  

Brief description:

With a surface of natural wood veneer covered in a protective acrylic resin coating. Anti-graffiti protection. Lightweight: from 8.10 to 29.70 kg/m2. B-s2, d0, C-s2, d0 flammability. Subject to changes in colouration over time. Available in 9 colours. Can be bent

Technical characteristics

Panel characteristicsMinimal requirement
1 Modulus of elasticity:
» lengthwise
» crosswise
» bending
> 10000 N/mm2
> 9000 N/mm2
> 100 N/mm2
2 Density ≈ 1400 kg/m3
3 Colour stability (NEN-ISO 105-a03) 3-4
4 Loss of shine (according to DIN 67530) < 50%
5 Gap formation class 1
6 Resistance to SO2 (NEN-ISO 105-a03) 3-5
7 Dimensional stability at 20 °C (according to NEN-EN 438-1)
Dimensional stability at 70 °C (according to NEN-EN 438-1)
≤ 0,6%
8 Resistance to moisture (according to NEN-EN 438-2) ≥ 4
9 Resistance to boiling water (according to NEN-EN 438-2) ≥ 4
10 Resistance to fire (according to EUROCLASS EN13.501-1) class c, b
11 Non-permeability coefficient (according to NEN 6066) ≤ 5,0 m-1
12 Formaldehyde emission (according to NEN-EN 717-2) < 2 mg CHOH/n.

Color selection

PRODEMA cladding certification:

Prodema certification:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.
  • Chain of Custody of forest products according to the PEFC on request for ProdEX panels.
  • ISO 14006 Environmental Management Systems. Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign. Product life cycle analysis (LCA) applied to all stages from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the life cycle.




ProdEX meets the requirements of the EN 438 standard and has the following product certificates:

  • AVIS TECHNIQUE from the CSTB (France).
  • ZULASSUNG from the DITB (Germany).
  • DIT Plus (Spain).
  • NFPA 285 de INTERTEK US (United States).
  • CAN S134 de INTERTEK C (Canada).

ProdEX has been tested in laboratories for the following:

  • Reaction to fire: EN-13501
  • Graffiti resistance: ASTM D 6578

Technical specifications/characteristics